PE Gloves

For use primarily in the Food industry (Deli Gloves), Gastronomy, and Household use. Ideal for light duty tasks that require frequent glove changes.

Made from high-quality Polyethylene.
Latex-free disposable protective PE gloves Pro.
Ideal for people with latex allergies as it contains no latex proteins or accelerators.
Lightweight and loose-fitting, designed to come on and off quickly and easily.

Ambidextrous design for use on either hand.
Provides excellent comfort, feel and sensitivity.
Not intended for use with strong solvents or chemicals, or for heavy cleaning or abrasive work.
Easy to store; avoid high temperatures, direct sunlight, and keep dry.
Available in one standard size: One size fits all.
Packed as 100 gloves per Packet and 100 Packets per Case.
Price is per PACKET of 100 Gloves


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